Welcome to AnhuiGuangxin AgrochemicalCo., Ltd.

In 2007, Our company invested in the construction of the Guangde factory in Guangde Fine Chemical Park of Xinhang Town in Guangde City, where our headquarters is located; covering an area of ??800,400 square meters, this factory is one of the largest phosgene industrial bases in China and has been included in the "861" action plan of Anhui Province.

With a designated qualification for the production of technical pesticides and a special production license for phosgene, our Guangde factory mainly produces: diuron, thiophanate-methyl, salicylonitrile, carbamate, isocyanate and other phosgenation intermediates. The project construction complies with the national industrial policy and national distribution requirements, and has obtained the certification of national high-tech product.

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