Welcome to AnhuiGuangxin AgrochemicalCo., Ltd.

Since establishment, Guangxin has been pursuing excellent quality and service. The vision of building a domestic and internationally influential enterprise in the pesticide industry has taken shape by following the principles of "follow the path of heaven and man, accumulate the strength of years and times". 

Experience the wind and rain, witness the times. In the past 20 years, we have paid and gained; there have been trials and more breakthroughs. As a gradually growing pesticide manufacturer, we have always been grateful on the road of developing green chemical industry; we practiced honesty, and guarded a cloud of sky, a land of green mountains and green waters and a group of like-minded people.

We must firmly establish the business philosophy of "be friendly with customers both in China and foreign countries, honest business, intensive cultivation, and sustainable management", and adhere to the path of sustainable development. Through scientific management, standardized operation, we must be intensive and efficien to win a bright future, create a Chinese pesticide brand, and achieve vision of a lasting and evergreen business. This is the direction we are striving for and our ambition, but the transformation of ideals and reality requires action, and even the unremitting struggle of generations of Guangxin people. We have a clear goal and a long way to go. We must continue to carry forward the sense of responsibility and mission of "must though me", and devote our wisdom and sweat to it without complaints or regrets.

Aiming at the advanced is the driving force of Guangxin people. The achievements and the honors are gone. After our company is successfully listed, we will face new opportunities and challenges. Time does not wait us, and the drum for the second entrepreneurship has been sounded. We must work together to seek development, work hard and do practical things, realize further improvement of personal value, and great development of our company's economic construction. Keeping pace with the times and fighting for the day is a collective portrayal of Guangxin people. We are very pleased to see that the vigorous Guangxin is embracing the indomitable wave of development with an aggressive and open attitude, and challenging the increasingly fierce market competition with passionate vitality and fighting spirit.

The development of Guangxin is inseparable from the concern of governments at all levels, the attention of all sectors of society, the trust of our customers, and the efforts of all employees. We must live up to expectations. On the road to realize the great vision of our company, we will promote the strengths of personal values ??and establish the importance of our company's prestige. We are going to make new contributions to promote the vigorous development of our country's agrochemical industry and create a new glory.


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